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CHM Раскаточная машына з адным паваротным нажом эфектыўна расклейвае харчовую сіліконавую паперу 38 г/кв.м

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Silicone paper, commonly known as release paper, is a kind of packaging paper that people often use. It has a three-layer structure of base paper, laminate, and silicone oil. It has excellent properties of moisture-proof, oil-proof and high-temperature resistance. It is often used. In the outer packaging of industries such as food, it can also be used in electronic products, automotive foam, printing, medical, etc.


Today I will take you to the production site of CHM Machinery single-knifeабшыўка машына дляабшыўка 38gsm double-sided edible silicone paper:

Cutting of silicone paper is relatively difficult, and it also tests the cutting engineers. However, the on-site engineers performed very well, and the cutting effect was very good! Multiple rolls are cut at the same time for higher efficiency!